“Soup plates in love” from Dishwasher

Most of the  compositions of Felix are edited by Yesmusic VOF. Click on a title for more information, an example in PDF or a mp3 file.  You can also order the scores at the webshop of Yesmusic. Click on “add to chart” and go to checkout.

Cello  solo

–       Darüsselam (2012): catchy composition about war and “the house of peace” with Western and Eastern influences.

Cello  & piano

–       Light of life (2012):  beautiful composition with unique colours.

Chamber Music ensemble

–       Limbo (2010): chamber music work, composed for the HERMES – ensemble (national news).

–       Witches’ Sabbath (2011):  chamber music work composed  for the HERMES – ​​ensemble.

–       Three visions (2012): original masterpiece for chamber music ensemble.


–        Het donderen der kanonnen (2014): composed for “Chamberchoir Aquarius” on War Poets from Tom Lanoye.

–        Inslag en kabaal (2014):  composed for “Chamberchoir Aquarius” on War Poets from Tom Lanoye.

Musical tale (ON CD)

–       Musical tale animal parade (2011): exciting music story played for Klara4Kids 2011 at The Palace of Antwerp. (only in dutch)


–       Animal Parade (2009): 22 little piano pieces about animals. (ON CD)

–       Crazy family (2010):  5 very original jazzy piano pieces. (ON CD)

–       Dishwasher (2010):  8 surprising piano miniatures. (ON CD)

–       Injustice (2010): 4 sharp piano pieces about the injustice in the world.  

–       Children’s games (2010):  3 simple piano miniatures about children’s games.

–       Sleepless (2011):  3 great piano pieces with a lot of humor and special colours.     

–       Captured waves (2011):  beautiful piano piece composed for the city of Nieuwpoort (B).

–       Lazy Leopard (2011): winning piano composition of the Cantabile – Composition Contest.

–       No man’s land (2013): 2nd price winning piano composition of the Belfius Classics Competition.

Piano 4 – hands

–       Woulfie (2011): spectacular jazzy piano duet.

String ensemble

–       The opening (2010): first work for strings, very fresh and lightly.

–       The mountain hike (2010):  second work for strings, composed after a good hike.

Vocals & piano

–       Braaf en gaaf (2011): New Souterliedje No. 1, composed for the project  Clemens 500(free download)

Woodwind solo & piano

–       Woulfie (2012): arrangement  for  recorder & piano, flute & piano, oboe & piano, clarinet & piano, sax & piano

–       Light of life (2012): beautiful composition for clarinet & piano, sax & piano